Our Story

Get to know better who we are!

TATG, emerged as a result of a combination of efforts, in order to give the Algarve (in fact give the whole country) a new advertising expression coming from the deepest Portuguese heart and soul, in order to promote this wonderful destination, quite trend today, but nevertheless, with so many hidden details to be discovered.

Yes, there is more to discover in the Algarve and the rest of the country, but you need us to discover these secret gems.

TATG is managed by 3 entrepreneurs, who already manage their own companies, which quickly reached the top of the ranking, due to their empathetic and personalized approach. Being really interested in the emotions, sensory experiences of the customers who visit us, operating mainly on guided tours and tours, but not only.

In fact, we have much more to offer, stay tuned.

It is true that we can go far as individuals, but together as a stronger team, we can advance to the next level, reaching the sky!

We will certainly become what we want to be. An excellent gateway to Portugal. A benchmark company.

We cover the entire territory of the Algarve, as well as the entire south of Portugal, with special attention in the area of the great and beautiful Lisbon and the Alentejo, a land of dreams, wine and good. homemade food. Our “nuestros hermanos”, Andalusia are not forgotten. Seville, Ronda, Cordova and many other outstanding historic sites are located very close by.

Certainly, multi-day tours, even weekly tours, are an excellent option for those who want to visit all these regions in the security of the same company, the same guide.

We look forward to having you here with us.

Just come!